21 April, 2020

Over the past 2 weeks, your support has helped ADRA achieve amazing things! Here’s how:


                                   New Zealand                                   

In New Zealand, we have been working with a network of community leaders across the country. These leaders have been responsible for distributing grocery vouchers and food packs to vulnerable members of their communities.

So far, we have delivered food packs and/or grocery vouchers to 314 kiwi families. We plan to continue to provide to at least another 700 families in need throughout New Zealand.




In Vanuatu, ADRA opened an evacuation centre before Cyclone Harold hit. This was to ensure people were safe during the storm. The evacuation centre has remained open for people who have lost their homes. Volunteers at the evacuation centre have been keeping young children entertained by playing games.

After main water pipes were damaged by Cyclone Harold in a Tangoa Island community, the ADRA Vanuatu team were able to repair the pipes and provide water filters to ensure communities have access to clean water.

ADRA was also able to distribute kits with essential items to members of the community. These kits contain items which provide short term relief and also contribute to long term recovery and livelihood restoration.

The recovery efforts in Vanuatu are ongoing.


ADRA is distributing 400 sets of water and hygiene kits in response to Cyclone Harold. WASH kits provide essential hygiene items which are important for the health and safety of communities, especially after a disaster.

The recovery efforts in Fiji are ongoing.

Thank you for all your ongoing support throughout this time. Whether it has been financial, through prayers, by volunteering, or by encouraging our team with your kind words, we appreciate you.

Together, let’s continue to Love Thy Neighbour by being kind to one another and helping where and when we can.

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