ADRA Connections: Jombok Hoas Adventure Learning Centre, Cambodia

ADRA Cambodia has been developing the Jombok Hoas Adventure Learning Centre in the Preah Vihear Provence since 2004. In this time, thousands of people have experienced a new way of learning and developing their personal capacity and team spirit. Jombok Hoas is located on about 50 hectares of protected lowland evergreen forest and next to the village of Sry Thnong. ADRA is looking for ways to support vulnerable youth to receive training at JBH.

ADRA’s experience with early learning has provided insight into priorities for families. Cambodian parents typically value their children and want to have the best for their children, however, there are often few opportunities for children to enjoy learning and with few adults who have a good understanding of the needs of young children for their healthy development, children are often left to their own devices and not nurtured effectively.

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ADRA Connections Trip: 

With your fundraising, you will help to bring at least 150 vulnerable youth (6 groups of 25) from poor households in Phnom Penh and local area to ADRA’s JBH. The children will stay on site for 3 nights, 3 days during which time they will be involved in an array of adventure activities emphasizing everything from team building and helping each other achieve goals, to creative thinking and personal self-confidence building as well as an environmental awareness component. The weekly program will be customized particularly for the needs of the groups with the support of staff members from the partnering NGO.

Moreover, the JBH facilities have been used for a long time and become old and in need of repairing. The group will be able to change this by the construction of a storeroom, painting, and repairing other facilities. We have JBH staffs who will lead the group to these tasks.

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Project Cost: $2,500* NZD per adult
*Costs based on a team of 10 people for 10 days. You are welcome to change the number of participants and days in Cambodia but costs will vary.

Trip Type

Teams – if you are not part of a team but would still like to get involved on an ADRA Connections trip, please contact  and we’ll find a trip that suits your preferences best.

Trip Dates

Available anytime for team sign-ups.