May 01

Olivia Accelerates

Olivia (28) has suffered from both chronic pain and chronic fatigue for the past two years. She has spent a large majority of her time in and out of doctors’ offices …

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Feb 25

Ravi’s Garment Business

Ravi (22) has spent most of her working life in a garment factory. She lives at home with her parents and two brothers. While Ravi, her brothers and father were …

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Feb 13

Chum’s Story

Chum (52) and her husband Heang, once worked hard on their rice field to help make ends meet for their family. 7 years ago, Chums eyesight started to fail and …

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Jan 30

Dewi’s Story: Surviving the Indonesia Tsunami

My name is Dewi, and my husband’s name is Abyasa, my job is selling fish and my husband is an entrepreneur, we have 2 children. We used to live on …

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Jan 22

Mia Finds her Purpose

At 17, Mia* has just started to recognize the potential she has to do amazing things with her life, however her journey to get here has been challenging. From a …

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Dec 13

John’s Depression Recovery

After the loss of his job, the end of a relationship and living in a negative environment, John*, 19, was left in a vulnerable state. He felt upset, angry and …

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Dec 13

Water for Schools in Myanmar

Every day, Tin Mar Hwe, the headmistress of a school in Than Bo, Myanmar, worries about having enough clean water for her students. She depends on parent volunteers to make …

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Nov 26

Mahi Tahi

Tesha is a single mother of her 15-year-old daughter living in Kaitaia. Tesha is a welfare beneficiary and in the past has found herself stuck within a cycle of sadness …

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May 16

Mao’s Story

Every Drop Matters for Mao—eight of her children have died because of unsafe water. Every year, over 800,000 little ones lose their lives because the water they depend on is not …

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Mar 14

ADRA Delivers Cyclone Gita Relief

ADRA has distributed hundreds of food parcels to vulnerable people in Tonga following Tropical Cyclone Gita. On February 12, Cyclone Gita devastated the Kingdom of Tonga. The Category 4 storm was the …

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