Apr 21

ADRA’s Response

Over the past 2 weeks, your support has helped ADRA achieve amazing things! Here’s how:                                    New Zealand                                    In New Zealand, we have been working with a network of community leaders …

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Apr 17

Daily Hope: Day 23

Dear ADRA family, New Zealand is now heading in to its fourth week of a nation-wide lockdown. All businesses other than those considered essential are closed. The roads are empty, …

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Apr 16

Daily Hope: Day 22

Dear ADRA family, ADRA is currently working around the world to assist those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Slovenia is one of the countries in which we work, where ADRA …

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Apr 06

Ability to Learn

It is lonely on the rooftop. Four flights down, the street in downtown Beirut is alive with men, women, and children. Cars honk at distracted pedestrians, shop owners shout at …

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Apr 01

Thom’s Story

Headaches, high fevers, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and other negative symptoms are the effects that typhoid has on a person. Thom experienced each one of these symptoms. It meant that he …

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Aug 26

Maria’s Story

The sound of roosters crowing fills the air long after the sun has risen. Maria leads us between the wooden houses of her village to an open space in the …

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May 15

Mau’s Story

Mau has always worked in rice fields, finding labor when available. Despite his hard work, he had growing concerns that both he and his wife would need to leave their …

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Feb 25

Ravi’s Garment Business

Ravi (22) has spent most of her working life in a garment factory. She lives at home with her parents and two brothers. While Ravi, her brothers and father were …

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Feb 13

Chum’s Story

Chum (52) and her husband Heang, once worked hard on their rice field to help make ends meet for their family. 7 years ago, Chums eyesight started to fail and …

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Jan 30

Dewi’s Story: Surviving the Indonesia Tsunami

My name is Dewi, and my husband’s name is Abyasa, my job is selling fish and my husband is an entrepreneur, we have 2 children. We used to live on …

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