This Christmas, we need your help! Be an ADRA champion and help raise funds in your church.

How the ADRA Christmas campaign works is we send out Christmas trees and Christmas cards to churches. The church then sets up this Christmas tree with the cards on the tree in a place that everyone can see. On each card is a picture of a person and a gift with an amount that can help that person through an ADRA project. For example, a card might show a gift of $10 for a community meal. The church members are then encouraged to take a card and donate the amount that is on the card so that someone in need is able to receive this gift.

We can send out a Christmas tree, a pack of Christmas cards to hang on the tree and instructions for whoever is willing to volunteer to set up the tree and look after the donations.

Once filling in your details in the form below, ADRA will contact you and arrange to send you a Christmas tree pack. We also have a range of resources you can use throughout this appeal. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further support.