Interested in giving your students an impactful, meaningful experience that lasts a lifetime? ADRA Connections will be the easiest trip you have planned with the biggest impact. By partnering with ADRA NZ, we offer you an experience that makes a long-term positive, fair, impact in your community.



The costs for your trip will be broken down into 2 sections. 1: ADRA Donation and 2: Personal Costs. Due to tax laws, certain components are tax deductible and others are not. We have sectioned it accordingly so you can easily tell how much you can fundraise at your school and get a tax-deductible donation for and what you cannot.

Travel costs are your responsibility. We can offer you guidance but these costs will be managed by the person in charge and funds managed by your school.

ADRA Donation: Fully tax-deductible component.
Includes all materials and management of the project, all transport (on location), food and accommodation while on the project, non-refundable deposit payment + ADRA Donation.

Costs are fully fundraisable but must be paid in full to ADRA New Zealand 2 months before departure.

Personal Costs:
Includes Insurance, costs for all sightseeing activities as listed in final itinerary + transport, food, accommodation while sightseeing.

This is a non-tax-deductible component and must be paid to ADRA New Zealand 1 month before departure.

Travel Costs:
TRAVEL COSTS are not included in the above budget and are each participant own responsibility, including all bookings and arrangements.

Includes flights, passports, visas, vaccinations, first aid kits etc.


  • Confirm that your dates work with the project. Some countries have date restrictions for Connections trips due to cyclone or typhoon season.
  • Liaise and coordinates with the in-country ADRA office to fully plan your trip.
  • Organise your project and social activities.
  • Provide you with excursion application forms and consent agreements.
  • Provide you with your trip itinerary and costs per person.
  • Provide tools and resources to support you in your fundraising and a good platform for collecting and receipting tax-deductible receipts through our ADRA Connections ‘Go Fundraise’ Fundraising pages.
  • Organise comprehensive travel insurance through RMS and International SOS for all emergencies – keeping participants safe is our top priority!
  • Organise transport from the day you arrive to the day you leave ADRA activities.
  • Provide all your group members with an orientation prior to travelling and an induction once you have arrived at the project site.
  • Provide a full-time host guide to be with you throughout the duration of the trip.
  • Provide a full-time translator, if it will be required, to be with you throughout the duration of the trip.
  • Ensure a qualified expert is available for supervising and guiding you in high-skill projects such as builds, safe water facility implementation, development education, sustainable farming practices and micro-business expertise.


If you’re keen to challenge your students (and yourself) to serve overseas – then we’re excited! We know you will have a great time experiencing another culture, learning about each other and impacting the lives of others through your work. There are several key things you need to do:

  • Float the idea with staff – ask the hard questions: is this feasible? Do we have time to organise and take on this responsibility? Who wants to be involved?
  • Make a plan – will it be a once off trip or an on-going partnership each year? Will it replace a current school trip/camp or will it be an additional one? How will it be funded? School fees? Additional trip fee? Fundraising? Combination?
  • Get permission from your Principal and from your local Education Director. You will probably need to complete an overseas excursion application at some point but we will help provide risk management and assessment documents, itinerary and budgets that you will need to submit your application.
  • Promote trip concept – get parents buy-in and students
  • Gather a group of students who are passionate about the idea of serving overseas and make the exciting decision to be part of putting ADRA’s work into action. Promote the trip by video showing the ADRA Connections Video clip on our website or printing a flier.
  • When you are ready to register your school to participate in a Connections Trip, identify the team leader/s and email the ADRA Connections Coordinator at: where you will be sent a registration form to start the process.
  • Set up your online fundraising page with ‘Everyday Hero’ with ADRA New Zealand.

Please be aware that a non-refundable commitment deposit of $250 must be made to ADRA New Zealand to complete your registration process and lock your team in. Each team member will also need to pay a $250 deposit when they register.

FYI – the Team/Team leader is responsible for organising and booking flights and arranging visas. This can be done through our frequently used travel agent, just ask for details. Insurance will be organised through RMS (Risk Management Service) through ADRA NZ.



I’m a high school student, why should I pay to go on an ADRA Connections trip?

Get out, see the world and be Jesus’ hands and feet!
If you’re at high school, most likely you’re battling homework, assignments and teachers – why not get out into the real world and see firsthand how YOU can make a life-changing difference. If you’ve got an adventurous streak, you can explore the far-corners of the globe, while learning about new cultures, meeting amazing people and being part of changing this world.
You’ve also got the chance to put your talents into action – if you love building why not use your skills to help others? What about experiencing a new culture, a new way of doing things? You can empower people all across the world through unique and fun ways.
Don’t forget – you have the chance to go overseas, see the world and hang out with friends while you make new ones! It’s definitely an experience you and your friends will never forget, and you’ll make memories you’ll treasure forever.
If you’ve ever wanted to put your Christianity into practice, this is your opportunity!

As a chaplain or teacher, why should I organise and be involved in an ADRA Connections trip?

Practical Christianity
Connecting students with people and places overseas has many positive benefits and will open your students’ eyes. Your students have the opportunity to gain a global perspective of how the world works and exposes them to the realities in which millions live. Students never come back from a trip unchanged – seeing and being involved in practical, hands-on work while learning and being challenged by poverty and third world conditions is confronting and rewarding for students.
Involving students in an ADRA Connections trip also creates a sense of community – for everyone involved – teachers and students alike. Taking ownership of an experience like this encourages students to work together, take on challenges and achieve new things. They’re also forced to make new friends and interact with others who they may not have mixed with previously.
The most important part of an ADRA Connections trip is the opportunity to put Christianity into action – taking a practical step to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Students often return from overseas trips excited and fired-up to continue serving others in practical ways. Making an ADRA Connections trip an annual event in your school calendar or making it a special event for students will ensure your school community remains excited and enthusiastic about serving others.

I’m a school administrator, why should I support or be involved in an ADRA Connections trip?

Encourage your students to grow
If you’re in school admin, you probably enjoy watching your school grow and develop in a ‘big picture’ sense. Things like school community, the engagement of students and their peers with school activities, the public’s perception of your school – these things matter and are important to you. We believe an ADRA Connections trip is something which will significantly impact and develop all of these.
An ADRA Connections trip will foster a culture of service and community within your school and will encourage students to think about positive ways to impact their school, local community and ultimately what they can do to better their world. Giving your students the opportunity to put their faith into action and return inspired has an amazing ripple effect through schools. Just imagine every student wanting to make their school, community and world a better place?
Having an ADRA Connections trip as a regular event is also a unique and positive extracurricular activity which is good for a school’s community profile. It can enrich your school program, help raise the school’s community profile and is a great way to showcase your school through local media outlets.



We know you’ll have an amazing time, experiencing the wonders of service and visiting beautiful locations. But, don’t take our word for it; see what others have to say!

We developed infinitely more than a building. We experienced a transformational life moment! The students gained an appreciation that it was about providing an opportunity for the community to self-help. I went to assist through practical means and returned with a stronger spiritual connection. Such a great opportunity!! Grab it with your hearts and hands!”
~ Edinburgh College Team – Vanuatu School Build Project: September 2014 ~


“I liked how our students were able to interact with people from another culture and gain an appreciation for how lucky they are living in Australia.”
~ Heritage College – Nepal School Blitz Project – December 2014


“Nepal. It opened my eyes to a new way of life, a new way of service. ADRA is not about seeking power for itself, but helping others find power for themselves – and I got to be part of that! Serving people is enabling them to serve other people. But making a difference in this world starts with ourselves and a little bit of help goes a long way. Imagine a world where we started to give a little bit of ourselves, imagine a world where our churches started to give a little bit more to others than themselves. Imagine a world where we lived like Christ and gave it all. I guess ADRA didn’t just show me Nepal, it showed me Christ’s work in Nepal. Challenging, inspiring, beautiful and the cliché- life-changing.
~ Ketannah Hope – Nepal, April 2011


Where to Next
If you’re interested in going on an ADRA Connections trip or have any further queries or concerns, contact us at We hope to see you on an ADRA Connections trip soon!