A devastating Cyclone has hit  the East Coast of India and caused the destruction of homes and livelihoods. With winds of up to 250 kph, Cyclone Fani is the worst cyclone to hit India in the past 20 years.
It is estimated that over 100 million people have been impacted by this storm due to wind damage, surge damage and flooding.

After the initial storm, widespread flooding is causing further damage to already devastated communities. There are concerns for the large population of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh who are already in overcrowded refugee camps with weak infrastructure, as well as other inland communities that are vulnerable to flooding. There has been significant damage to homes, communication systems and power poles, standing crops, plantations and orchards. Assessments of the situation are still being conducted to understand the full extent of the damage.

ADRA staff are already on the ground responding to immediate needs.

There are families who have lost their homes and have no clean water supply or food. Your donation now will provide live-saving assistance to families impacted by Cyclone Fani.

Further information about ADRAs response will be made available soon. Thank you for helping when it’s needed most.