Hunger is on the rise.

Globally, 1 in every 10 people are malnourished. A generous gift today can help ADRA implement Food-For-Life initiatives that are holistic and enable families to thrive.

Chum knows what it’s like to be hungry. After selling her families rice field for medication that didn’t work, Chum and her husband Heang would sometimes have no other choice but to beg for food from others to feed their two grandsons. Thanks to supporters like you, Chum and Heang were able to recieve help that will ensure steady access to food all year round. Click the link below to read Chum’s story.

Chum’s Story

ADRA’s Food-For-Life initiatives ensure that families like Chum’s don’t go hungry. Through Food-For-Life, families have the opportunity to grow safe, nutritious and sufficient food that promotes healthy diets. Families also learn to grow and market crops with high profit, meaning they receive a better income and can provide more for their families.

Right now, thousands of people around the world still live day-to-day not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Your support today can change this. Your generous gift today can make a life-changing difference for one more family through the Food-For-Life initiative.