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  • new-zealand

    $10 Community Meal

    This gift will feed a person right here in New Zealand through our Com...

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  • asia

    $10 Water Filter

    75 per cent of the human brain is made up of water. It’s essential f...

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  • $13

    $13 Farmer Start-Up Training

    This essential training will equip beneficiary farmers with the materi...

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  • africa

    $20 Farmer Start-Up Kit

    This gift will equip beneficiary farmers to gain 5x packets of resilie...

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  • $20

    $20 New Baby Pack

    Give babies a better start with the essentials to keep them warm and l...

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  • $27

    $27 Fencing for Farmland

    This gift will enable farmers to protect their crop from damage when p...

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  • africa

    $30 Emergency Shelter & Food Kit

    In an emergency, taking care of your family is the priority. This gift...

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  • $50

    $50 Galvanised Steel Taps

    Give the gift of clean and safe drinking water with these taps that ke...

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  • $53

    $53 Farming Tools

    This gift will not only benefit the initial recipient but can be passe...

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  • $150

    $150 Latrine

    Save lives by providing a latrine, as well as hygiene training to a fa...

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  • $300

    $300 Pipes for Canal Renovation

    A reliable supply of water means farmers can grow crops all year round...

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  • $500

    $500 Solar Panel

    Solar powered water systems ensure affordable and continuous supply of...

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