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In a world of excess, children continue to go without – often with deadly consequences. Like you, we believe this isn’t right! Right now, children in Myanmar are living without access to education, secure food sources or clean water.

This September we’re helping out, and you can too!  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1) Choose a challenge and register
2) Raise funds by giving something up throughout September
3) Pat yourself on the back for helping children in Myanmar thrive!

Choose a Challenge

Whichever challenge you choose, often the best way to fundraise is simply to ask people to sponsor you. Make sure you let people know about the hard work you’re putting it to Give it Up this September! Ask family, friends, teachers, and workmates and of course, don’t forget you can share your online fundraising page through email or on your social media accounts!

time 1

Invest your spare time to organize an event that will both raise funds and awareness about what you’re doing. You could host a movie night at your church, school, or local community center and ask everyone to bring $5.

Or you could give up your time by offering to do something you’re good at for a small donation, whether it’s babysitting, mowing lawns’, or doing a bit of physical labor.

movies 1

Can you wait another month until seeing the latest blockbuster? Why not give up going to the movies (or another activity you could go without) for a month and put your movie ticket money towards helping kids in Myanmar.

PLUS – with the weather warming up, you can go out exploring your local park instead of going out to the movies!


Whether it’s giving up the extra coffee (or two!) on a daily basis or going without that extra packet of chips, you can make a real difference. Plus if you’ve been trying to cut down on those chocolate bars, committing to give it up for a month can be an awesome incentive, not only are you getting healthier but you’ll also be improving the health of vulnerable families living in Myanmar!

usual look

Why not follow in the footsteps of some of the team members at ADRA and offer to either dye or give up your hair once you reach a particular fundraising target!

You could also talk to your work or classmates and organize a pyjama day where everyone comes dressed in their pj’s with a gold coin donation. Go on and give up your usual look!


Don’t let our list of challenges limit your creativity. If you can think of something else you can give up this September then go for it and sign up now! If there is any way we can support your fundraising efforts please contact us today.

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