Help thousands of people in Vanuatu provide for their families!

By Digging Deep, in partnership with ADRA, you can work closely with over 2,200 people from 13 communities to ensure:

Small-scale farmers have the means and knowledge to increase their crop yields
Community permaculture demonstration plots are established and looked after
Families learn about good nutrition and how to better store food
Village entrepreneurs receive business training
Community groups receive management and poultry raising education
Farmers can increase the production of cocoa beans and can better market their produce
Permaculture demonstration plots are established in five communities so that families can learn to produce food for their own needs, and as a means of income.

Your generosity can go a long way:

Cocoa harvesting equipment such as buckets, knives etc. – $12/each
Permaculture demonstration plot – $840/plot
Nutrition training for communities – $1,100/training
Permaculture training for community representatives – $1,100/person
Disaster risk reduction workshops – $2,470/workshop
Fermentation and storage sheds for cocoa farmers – $3,400/shed


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