Love thy Neighbour (as thyself) is known as the golden rule throughout the bible. It encourages us to show love to all those around us/our neighbours. Right now, we think the world needs a bit of love which is why we’re asking everyone to love their neighbour.

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What we’re doing

Here in New Zealand

P2850541For many here in New Zealand, the impact has been felt financially. Some New Zealanders have lost their jobs, or at least a part of their income. There are non-essential workers who are unable to work from home, parents who need to limit their working hours to look after children who are not in school, people who have experienced anxiety and stress fueled by the uncertainty around us. We want to ease the burden by providing the essentials for vulnerable New Zealanders. We’re working with a network of community leaders throughout the country to distribute food packs and grocery vouchers to 1,000 kiwi families. If you want to support kiwi families financially through ADRAs response, you can donate online.

Overseas in Vanuatu

A7304331Recently our Pacific Neighbours were hit by Cyclone Harold. Families in Vanuatu have lost their homes, their farms, and their income. ADRA is on the ground responding now. Before the cyclone, ADRA opened an evacuation centre which provided temporary shelter to ensure that people were safe during the cyclone. ADRA is now distributing hygiene and WASH kits. These kits contain essential items such as hand sanitizer, cloth nappies, sanitary pads, water containers, soap, water filters, and other essential items. If you want to help families in Vanuatu, you can donate online.

What you can do: 

There’s no limit to what you can do to show love to your neighbour. Whether it’s sharing a message a kindness, talking to them over the phone, being kind to people you do come in to contact with, absolutely everyone can do something.

Vaniva and her team from Kaitaia began distributing food packs to families in need just before level 4 lockdown was put in to place

LTN Story

“God is blessing us by sending people to us who genuinely want to help. I know that when we pray for God’s help He answers- every time!!! Always when we are willing to serve Him by helping those in desperate need!! I’ll send more throughout this crisis. Our families have our contact details and we have theirs so we can keep in contact and know what families need during this time. Praise God for mobile phones!! “

If you are interested in connecting with your community and distributing food packs or grocery vouchers, you can register to volunteer with ADRA. Please read carefully through the criteria on the registration page before signing up.

Volunteer with ADRA

If you are unable to volunteer, there are still ways you can help show love to your neighbours.

The challenge is now in your hands, what will you do to love thy neighbour at this time?

Who is my neighbour?

Throughout the bible, we’re consistently called to be a good neighbour, to love our neighbours and to be hospitable, but who exactly is our neighbour?

This question was posed to Jesus, and He responded with the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). The good Samaritan had responded to a man in need, when others had walked by. The Samaritan was identified as the man who had been a good neighbour as he had been “The one who had mercy on him.” After sharing the parable with the man who had first asked him this question, Jesus then tells the man “Go and do likewise.”

To be a good neighbour, and honor God’s instruction to love and care for our neighbours, I’d encourage you that during this time of anxiety and fear, you ask yourself: how can I help a neighbour?

Whether it is giving through ADRA to support a kiwi in need, or keeping in touch with a friend online, writing a message of hope and leaving it in your window for neighbours to see, whatever you can do to spread kindness, we want to encourage you to do so.