22 January, 2019

At 17, Mia* has just started to recognize the potential she has to do amazing things with her life, however her journey to get here has been challenging.

From a young age, Mia has been in the care of the Ministry of Vulnerable Children (also known as Oranga Tamariki). Without close connections to her own Whānau, Mia felt untied to purpose in life and found herself drifting without direction. She has also struggled with drug addiction and had been off meth for two weeks when she first attended SHAPE.

SHAPE is an ADRA Innovations initiative run in partnership with Tokoroa SDA Church. It is a 6 week course that aims to help young people discover their purpose, vision and passion in life.

Through analysing her different strengths and pairing them with what she is passionate about, Mia now has big dreams of becoming both a Kohanga Reo teacher and a counselor. Mia believes that she can use her own experiences to help others in a similar situation navigate their way through those hardships.

Thanks to your support, Mia has helped developed her sense of purpose in life “I learnt a lot about myself and the potential I had which I didn’t know I had.” Although she still faces struggles, she now has a strong network of positive influences to encourage her journey towards living out her full potential.

*Name and image have been changed to protect identity

If you are interested in having your church involved in a Community Transformation Partnership with ADRA, visit www.adra.org.nz/CTP to learn more.