The Need

Helping people get their money sorted can be good for business and the community – and it is certainly good for families! Reducing financial stress helps people experience better relationships, less sickness (and therefore fewer days off sick) and may help people perform better at work. We also know that teaching financial literacy to parents ensures their children have a better chance of keeping their own finances under control in the future.

If you want to help the people you work with our your community to get their money sorted, we have a range of resources you can use- all of which are free, independent and impartial.

My Money is a programme gives participants the opportunity to learn life-lasting financial management skills such as:

– How to build and balance a budget
– How to implement that budget.
– How to live week-to-week using cash.

How it Works

The course is designed to help participants bring their finances under control, give more, save more, and stay out of debt. My Money programme is suitable for anyone and provides specially designed material to help people who are on low incomes, couples, families, self-employed or preparing for retirement. My Money is designed to put one-four volunteers from a local church through a Money Coach training course over one day. This will train the volunteer(s) on how to use the resources and provide training in a community context.

Each My Money programme runs for three sessions that can be spaced out across three weeks. It is recommended that local churches run this programme as an addition to another programme whether it is a Toolbox, Welcome Baby or a Pathways programme. In the instance that this programme will be run independently, the recommendation is for the My Money programme to be run at least 4 times per year.

How to Apply 

Before applying, it is essential to read through the CTP Handbook which will provide further information about your involvement and a cost breakdown. Once this has been done, complete and fill in the application form. If you would like any further advise or support, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today