1 May, 2019

Olivia (28) has suffered from both chronic pain and chronic fatigue for the past two years. She has spent a large majority of her time in and out of doctors’ offices being diagnosed with different health conditions. Her conditions have limited her working opportunities, throughout the past two years, she has taken over 6 months off of work due to her medical conditions.

This has caused mental strain for Olivia who despite having experienced grief and the highs and lows of emotions that come with chronic pain has remained hopeful for her future.

Olivia attended Accelerate, an ADRA initiative run in partnership with the Haven SDA church in Nelson. This initiative included a weekend seminar followed by workshops aimed at developing good health across all areas including physical, family, mental, spiritual and financial. Accelerate also aims to provide members of the Nelson community with a network of support and positive friendships.

Accelerate helped restore hope for Olivia and has given her the tools she needs to motivate her in pursuing her dreams of starting her own health coaching business to help others in need of support.

Olivia has shared “[Accelerate has] given me the focus to achieve my dreams and the importance of turning the inspiration and vision into reality.” She is also passionate about the work that ADRA does around the county, “As a health professional, disabled person and advocate for others, I’m always looking for more organizations that do just this. Thank you so much.”

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