The Need

Today, approximately 70% of jobs require a current driver’s license. This eliminates a huge number of opportunities for youth and those without a licence. Pathways is our way of helping people get theirs and opening up more opportunities to assist them and their families.

How it Works

The programme can be run by your local church or in partnership with a high school. The Pathways programme has two options:

Option 1 – Pathways Learners License Workshop only

  • One off learners licence workshop* (workshop only available in Auckland. Outside Auckland – online)
  • Learners Licence Test
  • AA Membership (for one year) which includes 3 free driving lessons for those between 16-24 years of age
  • Access to an app to assist participant in working towards their restricted licence

Option 2 – Full Pathways Programme

Includes all of option 1 as well as:

  • Restricted Licence Test
  • Defensive Driving Course (which reduces the time required to wait to sit your full licence test by 6 months)

Both options will increase job opportunities for participants and ensure that we are developing sage drivers on our roads and in our communities.

How to Apply 

Before applying, it is essential to read through the CTP Handbook which will provide further information about your involvement and a cost breakdown. Once this has been done, complete and fill in the application form. If you would like any further advise or support, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today.

CTP Funding Criteria Guidelines CTP Application