Myanmar (Burma)

Sustainable Rural Economic Development Project

One in three children in Myanmar experience stunted growth due to malnutrition. Compared to New Zealand more than 10 times the number of children under five die every year. The story behind these statistics is the great difficulty families have in providing adequate nutrition or earning an income that can support their growth, health and education. The Sustainable Rural Economic (SURE) Development Project will work in 12 villages in Myanmar’s Chin State to ensure families have the skills and resources they need to produce more nutritious and profitable crops, while at the same time taking better care of their environment.

This project will impact thousands of families by increasing their harvest through more productive and sustainable farming techniques, providing access to more profitable local and international markets and see innovative irrigation systems installed to allow a more diverse range of crops to be grown.

This project is a part of the NZ Government match scheme in which ADRA contribute 25% for projects in South East Asia. To help ADRA with this contribution please click on the donate button above

Project Cost: $3,900,000
Project Length: 2016 – 2018


“About 10 years ago the weather was really good so we could survive from farming,” says Thein, a generous-spirited father of four. “But now the weather is different and we can’t grow enough to live.”

Last year, Thein joined an ADRA project to learn sustainable agriculture and farming techniques.

“ADRA helped us gain more knowledge and now we feel hopeful that life will get better. It may be too late for my sons to have a better life,” he says, “But I have hopes that other children in the village will benefit from the ADRA project. I hope we can create jobs for them here instead of sending them away.”

-Thein, Myanmar.

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