Chakmarkul/Kerontuli Rohingya Emergency Assistance Project.

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority residing in the country of Myanmar and are thought to have a population of around 1 million. Tensions around the Rohingya turned into violence against them in August forcing thousands of Rohingya women, men and children to leave their homes in Myanmar to seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh. Already over 626,000 people have made their journey by either land or sea to find help in often overcrowded refugee camps. Lacking access to safe hygiene facilities, limited food and shelter resources leaves many people vulnerable.

Many of the new arrivals are staying in spontaneous settlements or among local Bangladeshi host communities. Existing basic services are strained, and aid agencies are struggling to cope with the rising needs. The forced displacement of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh has impacted their access to shelter and basic materials for living with dignity. The Rohingya refugee population is highly vulnerable. They left behind their possessions, with the majority fleeing to Bangladesh with their clothing and few survival items.

ADRA is on the ground responding. We are providing emergency shelter kits for the new arrival of Rohingya people newly arriving to refugee camps and for those who are using sub-standard shelters or are in overcrowded shelters.


Anwara has lived a nightmare. Her village was burned to the ground and her husband brutally murdered, forcing her to flee through the night to find safety for her children.

Anwara and her children now live at Camp Leda in the southeast corner of Bangladesh, just a few miles from the life she shared with her husband and community. There, she had her own house, many goats, and seven cows. At Leda, she has nothing—just a black tarp “house” and small rations of food aid.

“I left everything behind to find safety in Bangladesh,” she said. “Now everything is gone, but my children are well.”

Every night Anwara is haunted by the memories of her home and husband, but she wakes each morning with renewed faith in God and the humanitarian agencies like ADRA that continue to support her.

For refugees like Anwara, the future is uncertain and seemingly hopeless. Without your support, others like Anwara may not survive. It is your gift today that can provide the safety, security, and hope they so desperately need.

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