New Zealand

Being a new mother can be hard, and the Welcome Baby Programme aims to provide support to mums during the first year of their baby’s life. The Welcome Baby initiative connects vulnerable mothers with supportive volunteers and provides baby clothes for their child’s first year of life along with other parenting information.

Every 3 months, the mothers will be sent a new pack of clothes for their growing baby and return any smaller clothes provided for another mother to use. In addition to the clothes pack, a food pack or a food voucher will be provided to the mother. Oftentimes mothers of newborns due to lack of time and stress suffer from poor nutrition. This food pack is to ensure that each mother involved in the programme can start their day with a nutritious high energy meal. The family will also have access to a range of different support services and a coordinator checking in on them and providing support.

The initiative is implemented in partnership with the maternity ward at the local hospital, as well as other providers of post-natal and social services.



Renee* didn’t want to keep her unborn baby. Suffering from depression and experiencing deep poverty the thought of another child was almost unbearable. Our Welcome Baby volunteers were referred to Renee’s family.

“Both Renee and her husband were home when I delivered the pack,” our volunteer recounted. “They both gave me the biggest hug and were so grateful.” A short time after this first visit Renee came to our volunteers’ home.

“She arrived at my place with a big bag of really good clothing from her older children. She wanted to make sure it got to someone who needed it. Then she gave me a hug and said though they are still finding things a bit of a struggle, the help we had given had made a real difference.”

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