All donations you have made to ADRA NZ in the last financial year has been recorded and a receipt has been sent to you. Every donation over $5 is eligible for a tax rebate of 33.33% of the value of the total value donated.

If you would like your donation to go even further, you can choose to donate your tax rebate to ADRA.

How do I donate my tax rebate to ADRA NZ?

  1. Download the IR526 form
  2. Complete Boxes 1-9 with your details
  3. Complete Box 10 with ADRAs IRD Number: 101-277-909


Please Note

You can give all or part of your rebate to ADRA NZ
You can give your rebate to ADRA NZ even if your donations have been made to other charities
You can’t use the form for any Payroll Giving donations, as you receive an immediate tax rebate each time you make a Payroll donation
If you are missing a receipt for your tax rebate, please contact us and we will send you a copy.

Check the IRD website for more information