These resources are designed to support both individuals and teams collecting funds on behalf of ADRA and to educate fundraisers on how they are making a difference in the world! If you would like further support or resources made for a particular fundraising appeal or event you are hosting, please contact the team at ADRA and we can arrange this for you.

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Donation Collection Sheet Team Record Sheet

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Inspire your supporters by sharing how their support will make a real difference. Choose a gift that you’re passionate about from the list below and share with your friends and family why this is important to you to encourage them to donate to your fundraising page and help you reach your goal. You can email and share through social media any one of the images, download by clicking on the image.

Community Meal CM1

ADRA works with communities right here in New Zealand to provide warm meals for people in need.
A $10 donation can provide one meal.

Farmer Start-up kit FK1

A start-up kit provides a farmer with 5 packets of resilient seeds and 1 soil test. The kit gives the farmer what they need to produce healthy crops and in turn allows them to gain an income. The pack also ensures that crops are resilient in different seasons meaning farmers can still farm during dry and wet seasons.
A $20 donation can provide one farmer start-up kit.

Emergency KitEK1

During emergencies, ADRA responds by providing emergency kits to vulnerable communities. An Emergency kit provides essential food and shelter for families in crisis and ensure that they can maintain some dignity in their time of need.
A $30 donation can provide one emergency kit to a family.

Galvanized Steel Taps T1

Galvanized steel taps protect water from contamination and keeps water clean and safe for drinking. A concrete tower is also provided to protect the tap from any damage resulting in a sustainable water supply.
A $50 donation can provide one galvanized steel tap.

Latrine L1

ADRA provides latrines and hygiene training to families in need in South East Asia. Proper latrines keep waste away from living spaces and reduces the chances of contaminating water and food.
A $150 donation can provide one latrine and hygiene training to a family.

Solar PanelSP1

Solar powered water systems ensure affordable and continuous supply of safe water. Solar energy is cheaper and cleaner for the environment. After installment, these panels do not require maintenance which provides a lifetime benefit to communities.
A $500 donation can provide one solar panel.


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