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Farm Cove Intermediate – Cambodia 2018

“Our time with ADRA Cambodia in Pursat was a unique, life experience. We were challenged in so many ways – the heat, the humidity, the hard work, the poverty. Our experience really made us feel grateful for what we have and made us appreciate what we have been gifted throughout our lives. The opportunities we have in our country are special and we need to remind others around us about how fortunate we are. The projects were fun and community change. Working with the villagers and local tradesmen was an experience in itself. In a short space of time, we forged effective, positive working relationships and learned to understand each other. It was huge fun. All our team, which had a range of ages from 15 to 65 were able to grow in experience and make memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Making a change for others was empowering and rewarding. We cannot wait to return”.
Phil Muir

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The Dream Team (Wellington Church Youth) – Vietnam 2017

“4,500 bricks, 2 truckloads of gravel, 1 truckload of rocks, 1 heavy cement mixer, bags of cement, 500 meters of road to get past…our team, along with the ADRA Vietnam Team, and Bao Lac district community, managed to finish what we had set out to finish.

Never could I have imagined that a 10-day trip into a foreign country would change my entire perspective on life and on people. To watch an entire community come together for the common goal of creating an environment for their 38 kids to play in and be able to use a proper toilet has me in tears and my heart is content.

I finally have grasped the idea of what hard work is, I understand how blessed I am and how the little things that would usually be on my mind are so irrelevant. To see the loving environment, the gratitude, the purpose driven determination behind each and every one of those people have me in awe. I have left a piece of my heart in Vietnam, and no matter where I go next, Vietnam, you will always and forever be in my heart. The people I have crossed paths with, the team I was blessed to work alongside, the villagers I was blessed by and the kids I played with have changed my heart and I thank you for the blessings you have given me on that short trip. I could never repay you for what you have given me 

A massive thank you goes out to ADRA Vietnam, the district of Bao Lac, ADRA NZ , everyone who has kept me and my team in your prayers, those who have given generously and those who have been there along this journey. I appreciate you all and here are some photos of my trip . As amazing as these photos are, they could never justify the true feeling I had whilst over there”. – Milenita Kaufusi


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Gracegate Church – Fiji 2016

Gracegate Church took a team of 14 to Fiji a few months after the Cyclone Winston devasted the country. “We were the first people to respond to this particular community that had their whole school blown down which they had mostly built themselves. They also lost houses, their church, and precious lives. The kids were very afraid and not laughing much at the beginning due to what they had been through”. Gracegate set out to build 2 concrete block classrooms first, starting the foundation the team had a lot of work cut out for them. “The locals provided our accommodation in a classroom that still had 3 of its 4 walls so it was really roughing it but fun. They also cooked for us and welcomed us like family. They said we made the kids laugh again and we said they showed us Gods love with their generosity”. – Zahlia

Melody Yong, one of the Gracegate Engage team members wrote:
“…Just two days in tired and worn out from digging but just the community and God’s strength have kept me going everyday!! I am overwhelmed and awestruck by the generosity and kindness and joy that the people and children have with just the simplest of things.  Their contentment and how they enjoy life just really bring tears to my eyes. You can really see how God’s love has really filled their lives”.

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Vanuatu Individuals Trip – July 2017

I am very delighted to share my awesome experience; a life-changing outside my comfort zone. I thought I joined Connection trip to help, but honestly, these people we helped to build their toilets helped me to value more the purpose of my life. I am always grateful to be part of  Vanuatu Connection Trip 2017..All Glory to God.
Thank you, I prayed many will respond to their calling to serve. – Eva Butler