ADRA Connections: Timor-Leste

Development work can be complex and challenging, but this trip will help you understand what we do, how we do it, and what impact it has had in the community. Enjoy the opportunity to meet beautiful families, visit their homes and experience their warmth and hospitality, while assisting project participants to reflect on the changes and actions that have brought about change in their lives. The stories you bring back to share will help raise awareness of issues faced in Timor-Leste and how to support affected communities.

Trip Overview

Arrival/Cultural Immersion May 19-20
ADRA has prepared a warm welcome and an Immersion Program for you to learn about the needs in Timor-Leste, the work ADRA is doing, and how you play a part in ADRA’s programs through Connections. Visit a number of sites like the Chega Exhibition to expand your understanding of the country, its people, and their complex history.

Field Days May 21-23
The time you spend and the interactions you have with the local communities all contribute to a unique cross- cultural experience. Immerse yourself in the culture, interact with the locals, and gain a new perspective as you collect stories of change and help out with community-led initiatives.
During the cultural exchange dinner on Thursday, celebrate the friendships that have been formed and the positive change the local communities have achieved through ADRA.

Cultural Activities/Departure May 24-26
By now, you would have already noticed that Timor is a country rich in natural wonders. Gain a cultural understanding and appreciation for Timor-Leste as you visit the Cristo Rei area, beautiful beaches, and the Tais Market, which boasts colourful and woven hand-made local goods.

Finish off your trip with a celebration dinner and a nal debrief for you to share your reflections and experiences with the rest of the team.


$3,330 NZD per adult
*Costs are subject to change

Trip Type

Individuals – be part of a wider group of young like-minded people from around the country. If you have a larger team of 10+ people who would like to go on an ADRA connections trip together, you will be suited best to an ADRA Connections team trip, please contact  and we’ll find a trip that suits your preferences best.

Trip Dates

19 – 26 May 2019

To sign up please contact