The Need

There is no more influential role than that of a parent – both good and bad. In the modern world supporting and equipping parents with a ‘toolbox’ of positive approaches will ensure children that grow to make a positive impact on the world.

How it Works

ADRA NZ partners with the Parenting Place to provide the local church with an effective programme that will help build the capacity of parents. The Parenting Place provides a variety of programmes that can be run in partnership with the local church:

The Toolbox Parenting Programme is available throughout New Zealand and is delivered by The Parenting Place for parents of three age groups: Early Years (0-6), Middle Years (6-12) and Tweens and Teens (12-18). Each programme equips parents with practical skills based on essential parenting principles and is delivered in six sessions.

This process involves taking part in the age-specific Toolbox group training. The role of a facilitator is to keep each session flowing smoothly and help participants to engage with the programme material. Facilitators are trained and supported by Parenting Place Coordinators, who are based in many locations across New Zealand.

Presentations specifically catered to Polynesian communities are also available in Auckland. These 90 minute presentations focus on encouraging positive family dynamics as well as guidance and discipline.

Costs vary depending on location and the number of presentations.

How to Apply 

Before applying, it is essential to read through the CTP Handbook which will provide further information about your involvement and a cost breakdown. Once this has been done, complete and fill in the application form. If you would like any further advise or support, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today