21 August, 2017


Deciding whether or not you can send your child to school is a decision no parent should have to face. Yet, for Toun Ngov and her husband, a drought meant that sending their boy to school became a luxury they could no longer afford.

Toun, her husband, their 11 year old son and two year old daughter all live together in the Beong Bot Kan Daul village, Cambodia. Toun spends most of her days cultivating the rice field close to her home, although she often considers moving around to follow work. It is her love and protection of her children that prevents her from moving.

The drought that hit her village quickly drained the water, meaning families had to rely on alternative water sources that led to sickness.

Toun spent many of her days at home looking after her husband, children or herself and did not have the time to work as often as she could. It was a mixture of the drought, the sickness, and the unstable income that made the decision to pull her son out of school a reality.

Through ADRAs Bakan Water and Sanitation Hygiene project,  Toun and her family received a latrine, water filter and water containers. The Ngov family now has access to clean water all year round.

Toun has also been an active member in reflect circles, where men and women have the chance to learn about safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

Since receiving her water filter and applying what she has learnt in her reflect circle, Toun shares “My children have had less sickness, water borne diseases”, which meant that Toun now had more time to work in the rice field and make enough to keep her son in school.

“I am happy!” Toun enthusiastically shares, “My son would not have the chance to continue going to school”.

Thank you for supporting families in Cambodia and helping families like Touns thrive!


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