During the ADRA Annual Appeal month this September, we need your help to transform their tomorrow, today. Your generous support can help people living in communities around the world, and right here in New Zealand, to regain their dignity, earn a living, send their children to school, and as a result build a future free from poverty.

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Before ADRA begins a project anywhere in the world, we first listen to the needs of the people in the local community. During and after projects, we continue to connect and ensure that their needs are being met. What we witness as an outcome is hundreds of stories of transformation. Whether it’s the story of a mother having the income to send her child to school, a young New Zealander finding support through youth mentoring or a village having access to clean water for the first time, the transformation is powerful, inspiring, and happening because of supporters like you.

Each week throughout September we will be sharing a video story of transformation that someone has experienced through ADRA. View these videos by following ADRA on Facebook and YouTube.

If you want to engage further with the amazing work ADRA is doing, make sure to connect with us.

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Throughout our appeal month we shared a range of different video stories through our Adventist churches. You can view and share them all online:

Pataka Kai

Marias Story

A New Water Kiosk

Israels Story


If you’d like to engage your church with the ADRA Appeal month, please share the videos and resources available to download in the link below.

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