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It’s a season of late nights, stress, and hard-work for many students in the middle of their final exams and assignements. While stress levels may be high, the value of the education they are receiving will have a lasting and positive impact on their lives.

Through your support, ADRA is working alongside communities to provide education for all. Whether it is through agricultural training, or projects that keep children in school, ADRA is doing amazing things to expand the opportunities of all.


Alongside our education projects, ADRA is advocating for the right for every child, everywhere to be in school. Join the one million people who will sign the petition to encourage world leaders to commit to ensuring that all children, adolescents and youth have access to free, equitable and quality education.

ADRA will be at the South and North Island Big Camps in January 2020 to collect signatures and share more about how education projects are making a difference in New Zealand and around the world.

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Clean water for Students



Tin Mar Hwe is the principal of a school in Than Bo, Myanmar, and knows the value of a good education. She works hard to provide education for the kids at her school but everyday worries about providing enough clean water for her students.

Parents would take turns volunteering to make eight trips a day to nearby ponds to collect enough water to last the children through the day. This not only meant missing out on working and earning an income, but it was also the only water source and was not clean water, meaning the children were at risk of getting sick.

Read the full story here to learn how ADRA changed this for Tin Mar Hwe and her students.


How your Christmas Gift can Help

drinking water


This Christmas, you can donate a range of gifts that will help support families facing poverty or hardship. A gift like a steel tap outside Manuels house means he no longer has to travel far every day to fetch water for his family. Now he has clean water and more time to attend school and help with chores at home.

View this gift and our entire gift catalogue online now.




Upcoming Events

3rd – 11thJanuary NNZC Big Camp 2020, come along and learn how ADRA is fighting for Education for All

5th – 11thJanuary SNZC Big Camp 2020, come along and learn how ADRA is fighting for Education for All

13th Febuary Alps 2 Ocean 300km bike ride in the South Island. Learn more and register here.

19th March Murray to Mountains 4 day cycle challenge in Victoria, Australia. Learn more and register here.

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