ADRA Connections: Vanuatu Individuals Trip
5 – 15 July 2019

Trip Type – Individuals

Come join us and make a difference in Vanuatu next July!!
Many villages lack safe water supplies, have no sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices. This results in poor health which does not only affect a person’s health and well-being, but also their ability to earn, learn, attend to family duties, and contribute to society. A lot of the sickness and disease in these areas could be prevented by having clean water!

So we are running a trip that you can join next July to assist ADRA in building a toilet for every household in the Khole community to prevent disease and constructing a large water tank to hold safe, clean drinking water for the community. We will also be running a kids club for the children where we can teach them life-saving skills in sanitation and hygiene, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please join our team, we would love to you have you.

Dates: 5th – 15th July 2019*

Costs: $1,745 fundraising for the project plus $500 personal cost.  Flight cost currently at $1,020.

*Costs based on a team of 15 people for 10 days. If the number of participants changes the costs will vary.

Download the full trip info:  Vanuatu Project Info

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*sign ups require a $250 non-refundable deposit to show your commitment, you can choose ‘Bill Me Later’ and pay at a later date. 


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