The Need

We care about the young people in our community and know that placing positive role models in a young person’s life can have a large impact on who they become as adults. That is why we’re passionate about helping young people through the Be Somebody 2 Someone initiative that provides youth mentoring to young people throughout New Zealand.

How it Works

In partnership with ‘Know Your Status’ Community Trust, we are offering 7 different 10 week courses designed to equip and empower young people to become positive and resilient adults. Each of the courses has a different focus that can be chosen based on the needs of your community and young people.

These different courses include:

  • Inside Out : Individual Mentoring Program – Inside out is a form of mentoring that enables individuals to explore life through productive talks and activities that will contribute to their growth and Behavior by navigating their sense of meaning.
  • Choose2Moro : Anti-Bullying Program – is an anti-bullying programme that raises awareness on bullying. Providing effective countermeasures to bullying. This will support those who fall victim to bullying. This is a motivational, and confidence driven, growth development program. Basically confronting bullies with assertiveness without becoming one
  • Joyful Noise : Music Program –a music program that will enhance youth resilience utilizing music as a form of emotional expression. Incorporating influential lyrics that will inspire and motivate young people to pursue their life hood aspirations. Behind ever song is an untold story
  • I AM Vibranium : Resilience Program
    This program will develop young peoples capabilities and resilience through an integration of group discussions, video analysis, and mind mapping.
  • I AM Patriot : Leadership Program
    This program is designed to help aspire leaders to achieve their personal best and improve their effectiveness in leadership  & Resilience
  • Pay It Forward : Paying It Forward one person at a time
    To encourage young people to be significant contributors to their community by being a voice of strength, respond to kindness, and serve community diligently through events, projects
  • WOW: Women Of Worth Program for girls
    WOW seeks to equip and train young women with skills that will allow them to be the best that they can be such as Redefining Beauty beyond skin and shape, Career planning

The facilitator for each of the courses is Candy Tusini-Rex who brings over 18 years of experience in the youth sector. The 10 week Programmes are only available in the Auckland region. If a church wishes to do a one-off workshop outside of Auckland, please contact us directly and we will try to arrange this.

How to Apply 

Before applying, it is essential to read through the CTP Handbook which will provide further information about your involvement and a cost breakdown. Once this has been done, complete and fill in the application form. If you would like any further advise or support, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today.

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