Our dream for New Zealand is to see every church actively engaging in the needs of their communities. In order to support churches and organisations who want to address a need within their community, we have established Community Transformation Partnerships. If you would like to apply or for more information please contact the friendly team at ADRA – we would love to reach out to all communities across New Zealand! For more  detailed information, please refer to the  CTP Handbook

What are Community Transformation Partnerships?     

The Community Transformation Partnerships programme allows ADRA to partner with your church/organisation to provide funding and provide supporting in designing a project that helps a specific community need.

How do Community Transformation Partnerships work?     

Churches and organisations can apply for funding from ADRA New Zealand to run a project in their community. If your application is approved ADRA New Zealand will fund one-third of the total project cost and supply another third through the New Zealand SDA Conferences. Your church/organisation will need to provide one-third of the total project cost.

How do I apply?

Please carefully read through the funding criteria guidelines, once this has been done and a decision has been made, fill in and submit an application. For further support about the application process, please contact the team at ADRA.

Innovations Fund 

The Innovations Fund allow churches who want to partner with ADRA to design their own application and programme to help a specific community need. A church may identify a project concept that is outside the “My Family” initiatives. These project ideas can be submitted to the innovations Fund.

Before sending in an application, it is best to consider the needs of your community. For more questions about the Innovations Fund and to apply, please contact the friendly team at ADRA today for further advice and support.

My Family Initiatives 

‘My Family’ initiatives are programmes that are designed and resourced by ADRA and target specific needs. Learn more about the current ‘My Family’ initiatives available below.

My Money Logo

My Money:

Helping people get their money sorted can be good for business and the community – and it is certainly good for families! Reducing financial stress helps people experience better relationships, less sickness (and therefore fewer days off sick) and may help people perform better at work. We also know that teaching financial literacy to parents ensures their children have a better chance of keeping their own finances under control in the future.

Welcome Baby LogoWelcome Baby:

The Welcome Baby programme helps vulnerable mothers by providing clothes for the first 12 months of a new baby’s life, as well as a gift pack of food or food vouchers to help new mothers eat well in the first months of motherhood, and providing them with access to parenting information. Welcome Baby is a great way to engage with young families in your community and ideal to learn other community needs that could lead to future community programmes.

New Pathways Logo


Today, approximately 70% of jobs require a current driver’s license. This eliminates a huge number of opportunities for youth and those without a license. Pathways is our way of helping people get theirs and opening up more opportunities to assist them and their families.

DARP LogoDepression & Anxiety Recovery:

The programme provides mental health education in a comprehensive way that deals with the core issues that cause and are associated with depression and anxiety.

Toolbox Logo


There is no more influential role than that of a parent – both good and bad. In the modern world supporting and equipping parents with a ‘toolbox’ of positive approaches will ensure children that grow to make a positive impact on the world.